Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Interventions (for the general education classroom)

1) Self-Implemented Self-Regulation Break
  I have a student that has a difficult time with self-regulation skills.  In addition to implementing the Zone's of Regulation for this student/class, we are giving him a self-implemented self-regulation break.  He has a timer, which is set for 5 minutes, that is attached to the door.  When he feels like he is sad or going to cry, he is able to take the timer and go for a walk/drink/bathroom break.  He always returns on time after his 5 minutes are up and quickly returns back to work in his general education classroom. 

2) Wiggle Cushions!
  Wiggle cushions are a great way to get the wiggles out!  Wiggle cushions are great for students who: need to move during seated instruction, or have poor writing posture.