Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekly Top 5

Wait/Hold that Thought Card

1) Hold That Thought Card
     We use this card when students really want to share something, but it is not the time.  During the lesson the teacher/aide will hand the student the card (this can be if they begin to talk or if their hand is raised).  At the end of the lesson, or a designated time, the student is able to turn in the card and share their thought. Click here to download a "hold that thought" card.

2) Flip Schedule
    Use this for students who travel or are higher functioning.  To make this you need two pieces of paper laminated and spiral bound together, velcro, and a dry erase marker.  As a student completes the task, you or the student can flip the paper over to show that the task is finished.

3) All Done Bins
     Use all done bins to put in items/tasks/activities when they are completed.  It is important to know that once an item/activity has been completed and placed in the all done bin, DO NOT take it out in front of the student, it is very probable that they will have a meltdown.

4) Swing!
     Swining is a quick and easy sensory/engine break, and the perfect way to wake up a students' engine.

5) Highlighted Paper
     Highlight every-other line to help with spacing and letter formation, as well as allowing room to edit students' work.