Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Top 3

I took some Nyquil and am not in a focused state of mind.  I can't believe I made it almost 3 weeks before getting sick :)  Hope you all are staying healthy!

1) Thinking Notepad.  Hold that Thought cards may not work for every child.  For example the student that has no impulse control and has the incessant need to share every thought that comes to mind.  In order to satisfy his need to be heard, I placed a small pad of paper on his desk; with this pad of paper he is encouraged to write down his comments and questions.  We then read the paper throughout the day and make time to discuss the comments and questions with him.

2) Aroma Therapy.  Use different aromas to help alert or calm a student.  Use citrusy or minty smells to alert, and smells such as lavender to calm.  Simply place a drop of essential oil or fragrance onto a cotton ball or tissue.

3) Cover the sink!  We have sinks in each and every classroom in our building, while this is beneficial, especially in a preschool classroom, it does create a problem.  I have students who would play in the water for hours if I would let them.  So for a quick and easy fix I grabbed this file box from Walmart for super cheap...And it gets the job done!  You may want to use a solid colored box if this is not enough.

And here is a bonus intervention for the teacher:
DONUTS!  Let's be truthful, it is much easier to come to work on Friday's knowing that there will be donuts!