Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!  This year brings yet another change...I've said good-bye to the building that I have taught at since my first day of teaching, I am now at a new building, teaching first grade Autism and Severe Behavior/ED!  I have actually been back to teaching, but I feel as if I haven't been able to catch my breath.  Now; however, we are making it work and it is getting easier day by day.  Working with 3 new aides and a student teacher, a first and third year general education teacher and a new principal...WOW!

Here is what has helped me survive....
Schedules for EVERYONE! XCEL spreadsheets for adults and Visual Schedules for the kiddos!

Constant Lesson Plans!  Why do I feel like have never lesson-planned to this level before, but at least it helps to keep my head above water! 

CAPS Reports - Comprehensive Autism Planning System

These are a life saver, not only for the staff working with the students, but for the parents to understand what and how their children are learning.  These are great for your parents whose needs are difficult to meet.  The CAPS reports addresses 9 areas: Activity, When it is taught, Target Skills to Teach, Structures and Modifications, Reinforcement, Sensory Activities, Communication/Social Skills, Data Collection, Skill Generalization.  In years past I have used the daily CAPS report; a CAPS report is completed for each day of the week for each student (I try to update each of these once a quarter).  This year I am using the CAPS report by activity; a CAPS report is completed for each student, activities are listed and days the activities are addressed are then highlighted.  The paraprofessionals are able to cross-reference the daily schedule with each students' CAPS report.

Click here to download the CAPS report by activity.

Click here to download the daily CAPS report.

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