Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Perfecting the Visual Schedule-Object Schedule

Visual Schedules run my classroom; as they should in any autism classroom.  Visual Schedules provide our students with knowledge of what their day looks like including instruction, breaks, lunch, recess, etc.
We differentiate our instruction based on an individuals need, but are we differentiating our students' schedules?

Object Schedule
Use the object schedule for the student who is still learning basic noun identification.  Think of someone with a mental age of 6 months-18/24 months.  Find miniature objects which closely resemble the actual item.  For example, for snack time, have an empty cup; bathroom, have a small toilet; library, a small book.  Place velcro on the back of the item and hang on a schedule (include the students picture and a mirror), students then take the item off of their schedule and use the object as a transition item to take to the desired location; at the location have a place for the student to match the object (object:object or object:picture).  During your 1:1 instruction time with the student begin to develop the skill of matching the object to a real picture.  Once they student has mastered the skill of matching object to a real picture, it is time to transition the student to a real picture schedule.

Check back soon for other forms of the visual schedule.